Infrared Security Cameras: Are they Right for Your Business?

The majority of businesses in need of access control systems understand that cameras are a crucial element of the overall security plan. However, not everyone is aware of what infrared cameras are or the benefits they offer. It is a good idea to learn more about them before determining the types of cameras that are right for a business security system.

How does the infrared imaging work?
Infrared cameras rely on thermal imaging technology. This means the camera is able to detect heat that radiates from an object. A person’s normal body temperature is just under 100 degrees Fahrenheit, which makes it easy for the cameras to detect any type of human activity. Remember, the image displayed by the camera shows heat, which means it won’t look like the typical picture you would expect from a camera.

Will infrared cameras work when the sun is out?
Infrared cameras aren’t the same thing as day/night cameras. A day/night camera requires plenty of light for something to be visible, but this is not the case with infrared cameras. They can display images in clear detail even if there isn’t much light present.

How far will infrared cameras reach or detect motion or heat?
The reach of your infrared camera depends on the number of lights it has. An infrared camera’s power is measured by lux. If you want the camera to display a completely clear image when it is totally dark out, a rating of 0.0 lux is necessary. It also needs plenty of infrared lights near and around the camera’s lens.

If you want to install a camera that will enhance the security of your business, that doesn’t require light and provides superior protection, then consider installing an infrared camera.

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