Keep Your Company Safe from Online Threats this Thanksgiving

Did you know that hackers, spammers and other nefarious online individuals don’t take time off? That’s right, they “keep at it” throughout the year, even on holidays meant for family and friends, including Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, their devious efforts to infiltrate your system get even more manipulative as the holidays approach – after all, this is when people are spending and doing more than other times during the year.

One of the most common “tricks” used by these individuals is sending emails to individuals in your company with the subject line of “Thanksgiving.” Once opened, the email leads to a website that offers fake projection plans, lottery schemes and other similar topics. There are some that may even lead an unsuspecting worker to a fake retail site, encouraging them to make a purchase or take a certain action. If this is done, it all goes downhill.

While these threats are present for individuals, they can be even more damaging to your business if your unknowing employees happen to click on one of these sites through a business connection. In an effort to prevent serious harm, make sure to use the following precautions:

  • Warn employees about fake and spam emails coming to them. Make sure they know to immediately delete any email that is not from a trusted source. Opening even one malicious link could lead to an entire system infection.
  • Install a high-tech security solution. Work with professionals to install new protection software that may help prevent attacks.
  • Encourage your workers to change their passwords often. One weak password can let hackers and spammers into your system.

While you may think that your company’s system is immune to online threats, this is simply not the case. According to statistics, more than 89% ow workers with internet access waste time on personal online browsing while on the clock. This puts your company at risk and you have to take action to prevent serious threats.

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