Protect Your Four-Legged Friends: Home Security and Safety for Your Pets

By now, you understand how important it is to have multiple layers of security in place for your home and family. In most cases, these extra layers extend past sensors for glass breaking and motion detection.

There are some people who may have an additional layer of security they haven’t even thought about – their dog. It doesn’t matter what kind of dog, or how big or small they may be – their presence alone is enough to scare off many burglars.

However, as effective as dogs are, they aren’t a substitute for a quality security system. There are also some steps you need to take to protect your pup – from burglars and other threats.

Protection from the Elements
When it is cold outside, you need to ensure your pup remains comfortable when you aren’t home. A great way to do this is by installing a freeze sensor. This lets you know if the temperature in your home gets too low. Having carbon monoxide and smoke detectors installed can also provide you with alerts to a problem. Another smart security installation is a water sensor. These can ensure both your home and your dog remains dry.

Preparing for Time Alone
From time to time you likely have to leave your pet at home alone. There are some tips that can help ensure they are safe and happy while you are away. These include:

• Set boundaries that only allows the pet to access certain parts of the house.
• Tire them out before you leave.
• Watch the clock and don’t leave them alone too long.
• Let the authorities know you have pets inside. The best way to do this is with a decal on your home’s front window or door.

Most people considering their four-legged, furry friends members of the family. This means you can’t leave them out when it comes to safety and security. The tips here can help ensure everyone remains safe.

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